Flow before you go: a pre-park yoga sequence

When you’re trying to rope drop Flight of Passage or make the most of your Extra Magic Hours, the last thing on your mind while getting out the door is doing yoga.

But even just 5-15 minutes can make a big difference in how you feel 12 hours later, not to mention the following day. Check out the quick flow below I’ve used to get ready for a day at Disney. If you’re really short on time, try doing some of these poses while you wait for the bus or monorail. Your body will thank you later.

Remember to hold stretches for at least five breaths (or 30 seconds) to make sure you get the full benefit.


Warm up your spine and create space between your vertebrae by alternating cat cow.

Bird dog


Your abs work hard when you walk all day and ride attractions. Gently wake them up with some bird dog, and remind them they’ve got a big day ahead.

Side plank


Throw in a little side plank to up your ante and further engage your core.

Forward fold or Sun A

There’s always time for a forward fold. Even if you skip your Sun A, take the time to lengthen your hamstrings and back before pounding the pavement.

Melasana squat


This is a great hip and back opener to start your day right.

Low lunge


I don’t know about you, but my hips are so tight from walking all day in the parks. Get ahead of yourself by lengthening them before you head out.

Janu sirsasana


Again, it’s all about those hamstrings and back. Lengthen, create space, and get ready for a fantastic day.

What are your favorite asanas to do before a day at Disney?

Extra magic:

In this post I’m rocking my Lularoe villains leggings and Foolish Muggle button from DizzyLizzieDesigns


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