Post park flow: a yoga sequence to do after a day at Disney

Our last Disney visit was a weekend trip for my sister’s birthday. Every second counted, and we were at MK on her big day from 7 a.m. until 12 a.m. That’s 17 hours, y’all!

Long Disney days can be as brutal as they are magical, but luckily a little yoga can help you feel better the following day. I really mean just a little. You can do the sequence below in 10 minutes, and it will do way more for your body than an extra 10 minutes in the bed.

Trust me. I’ve been there.

Forward fold (1-2 minutes)


Release the lower back and lengthen your hamstrings with a classic forward fold. Feel free to incorporate some ragdoll or slow roll ups – whatever feels good.

Melasana squat (1-2 minutes)


Whether you release it or not, your hips work hard walking all over the place, so give them some love. Melasana is a great way to do that.

Cat/cow (1-2 minutes)

Whether you’re standing or on all fours, don’t forget to make your cat cow dynamic, moving with your breath.

Legs up wall (3 minutes…or longer)


Ultimate relaxation! This pose releases your lower back while also lengthening your hamstrings. It’s a great one to do every day, wherever you are.

Happy Baby (1 minute)


Another great pose to help you release tension. Gently rock back and forth to give your back a massage.

Supine twist (2 minutes each side)


This is another one that just feels good. Did you know it can also help with digestion? If you’re like me, you need a little help when you’re snacking away at Disney.

Extra magic:

IMG_4980 2.jpg

In this post, I’m rocking my Hakuna Mimosa shirt from JustALlama. 


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