Mickey-approved mantras for your next yoga class

Meditation is hard for me. So hard it feels impossible sometimes.

It seems like my mind is always buzzing with thoughts about work, yoga, my husband, our three dogs, the seven little people who call me “Aunt Rachel,” the never-ending to do list at home, our plans for the weekend or how soon ADR will open for the next Disney trip.

The fact that calming my mind is so difficult is precisely why I need to do. More and more research is showing the huge benefits of meditation – even if you’re not very good at it or don’t do it for very long at a time.

So, don’t despair. You too can receive the benefits of meditation even if it’s a struggle, and yoga is here to help. One of the ways I love focusing my mind during yoga practice is by setting an intention and repeating a mantra in my head throughout the practice. I recently read that mantras help us connect with our core values and those core values are a source of power for us whether we’re finding our edge in a challenging yoga pose or facing difficulties off the mat. Mantras remind us of who we want to be and help inspire us to be that person, despite our circumstances.

I’ve included a few of my favorite Disney mantras below. I think Mickey would definitely approve. What are your favorites?


Mantra 1


Mantra 2


Mantra 3

4. Mantra 4


Mantra 5


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