5 steps for creating an at-home yoga space

Once upon a time, I got up early.

I spent a few minutes each morning setting an intention for the day and moving through a gentle yoga flow before hopping in the shower.

Then, we got a puppy. A puppy who has the uncanny ability to start barking 5 minutes before the alarm goes off no matter what time you set it. A puppy who insists on top of you anytime you get on the floor. A puppy who doesn’t have much chill.


My fledgling home practice was officially interrupted when we brought home the irresistibly cute Remus in November, and I’ve been missing it since. This past weekend, I finally did something about it with the help of my awesome husband and his cousin, Derek. We officially set up my at-home practice space: Isn’t it incredible?



My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner. For less than $100, I now have the perfect place to practice without ever leaving home. (Sidenote: A home practice is a great supplement to classes, but it’s not a replacement.) I’m going to walk you through my steps for creating this space, and I encourage you to create your own special yoga space at home.

Step 1: Identify the space

Before we got Remus, I would practice in a large open space in our living room. Now, I need to close a door if I want to practice without assistance. In a house with limited space, that can be a challenge, but the great thing about a home practice area is that it doesn’t have to be exclusively for yoga. My new space is the room where the small dogs hang out during the day, and it’s also home to my husband’s free-weight equipment. We can easily move things around to accommodate whoever is using the space at the time.

Step 2: Look for what you can repurpose

If you’re like me, you’ve probably already got a lot of what you need to create a peaceful area to practice at home. I inherited and refinished the green side table with some leftover paint from a craft project. We received a Christmas gift in the gold basket, and the candleholders were purchased as decorations for a bridal shower. Take a look around your home for items that bring you joy but don’t currently have a purpose. They may be the perfect additions for your space.


Step 3: Figure out what you need:

Heat is a huge enhancement for my practice, so I knew I wanted to get a small heater ($31.90) for the yoga space. I also knew I wanted some “mood lighting”  ($9.99) and an inspirational mantra for the wall ($13.80.) But since this isn’t exclusively my space, my focal pointed needed to be something that my husband could appreciate – hence this wall hanging purchase. I also added a yoga blanket ($17.99) and yoga strap ($6.98) to my stash. The the grand total comes to $80.66, and thanks to Amazon Prime it only took two days to arrive.


Step 4: Put it all together

Once I cleaned out the bedroom, it only took about an hour to put my yoga space together. My husband and Derek hung the lights and wall hanging. All I had to do was gather up my decorations, books and yoga equipment. Just like that – my space was ready.


Step 5: Make it work for you

One of the things I love about this space, is how easy it is to set up and break down for practice. Each of my props has its place when I’m not using them while still remaining easily accessible. I also love that I have a space to work on improving my practice, trying new asanas and finding stillness without leaving home. Just like the breath, a yoga practice, should be dynamic. It changes, evolves and meets the needs of the yogi.



1 thought on “5 steps for creating an at-home yoga space

  1. Great yoga space! I’m still in the living room in bridge pose with a cat on my belly. 🙂

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