Fan favorites for birthday season


We survived birthday season.

Mid January until the end of February is birthday season for the Sauls and Wright families with nine birthdays stacking up in a few short weeks.

A Mario Kart tournament. A whirlwind trip to Disney. A joint birthday party – and way too many sweets.

I feel like I’m just catching up, and my body is working hard to avoid catching something gnarly. I woke up Thursday with lymph nodes so swollen you could see them. The doctor prescribed vitamin C and rest – a skill I’m not very good at. We relaxed with friends this weekend, and Remus finally got a playdate with his littermate while we rehearsed for Frozen.

I’ve also been reading Wicked and got a chance to catch up on blogging. With all the celebrating, we’ve been a little off our meal prep game, but I’ve got a few good recipes to share with you. And I’m excited for some new stuff next week. Let me know what you think!

Lunches: Chili Tofu Garlic Bowls


The recipe: Find it here.

The verdict: I wasn’t expecting a lot from this recipe, but I should’ve known better. Budget Bytes always delivers, and this has easily earned a spot in our rotation. Great for meal prep or eating right away.

Notes: I definitely recommend pressing your tofu. I like to take it out of the package before work and then cook when I get home.

Dinner 1: Hot & Sour Soup


The recipe: We actually used the Thug Kitchen recipe, but it’s very similar to this one from Budget Bytes. I think the main difference is a little more rice vinegar and some cornstarch to thicken – both of which you can add to your liking.

The verdict: We at the whole pot that night.

Notes: Do yourself a favor and put this in your rotation.

Dinner 2: Lentil Sloppy Joes


The recipe: This is one of the first InstantPot recipes we tried. Find it here. No modifications from me.

The verdict: Hal isn’t the biggest fan of lentils, so I knew I was pushing my luck a little when we first tried this recipe. Now? It’s one of his favorites, and we had it the week of his birthday.


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